Welcome to Henry Wood Sportsmans Alliance

The Henry Wood Sportsman’s Alliance is dedicated to maintaining and preserving the natural habitat that exists all around us.  Too often, we see tree lines and fence rows being torn out.  We see more and more of our natural habitat being taken away for any variety of reasons.

We would like to make a difference by trying to keep that habitat intact and even make new habitat for our wildlife.  Whether this be deer, squirrel, rabbit, or fish, we want to make a difference.

Please read our Mission Statement on the About Us page.  We have funds available for any variety of projects.  Since it’s founding in 2014, the Henry Wood Sportsmans Alliance has donated over $100,000 to various projects and organizations.

We have donated:

  • Each year the HWSA purchases fish for stocking of local reservoirs (Hamler, Deshler, Napoleon, Weston) for the enjoyment of residents;
  • Through grant applications, HWSA pays landowners to leave corn or soybeans standing through the winter. We also pay for the planting of sunflowers, native grasses, food plots or any other food source for animals. Current rates are $500 per acre for soybeans and $800 per acre for corn.
  • Also through grant applications, the HWSA has helped landowners who are planting oak savannahs or other conservation ground and are working with the local soil and water district. We can help with the out-of-pocket expense.

If you have questions, or would like to discuss a project, please contact us.